Top serivces Cội Spa & Massage in Hue city


Saunas are still popular today. Himalaya salt sauna knowns for its mineral rich composition and the purest salt. The sauna helps you to releive pain, reduce stress, improve sleep and skin regeneration

Hot stone Massage

Hot Stone are used to massage the back and legs while the heat releives the pain and muscle tension 

Herbal Massage

Herbal ingredients is ideal for those whose suffer from back and should paint, the heat of herbal reduces the tiredness and improve circulation

Foot Massage

Applying pressure to specific points on the feet to fights depression, improve blood circulation and promote better sleep

Space Cội Spa & Massage

Cội Spa & Massage showcases the exquisite and unique connection of the traditional style and the vibrancy of modern Vietnamese art that brings harmony to the local culture.




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